Focus areas


Currently, we already supply products and solutions that contribute to the transition to a green economy in this highly relevant area. Our customers include both large and small producers of renewable energy…


Your company helps create a good indoor climate, both in the home and in the workplace. Our specialists would like to assist and strengthen your opportunities for developing the right solutions….


Solutions are becoming increasingly complex, requiring greater technical insight and tailor-made solutions. Regarding lighting, we have seen a rapid development in LED light sources that require the correct amount of cooling…


The medico-technical industry is also one of the areas we specialise in. In this area, the demands to standards and approvals of the individual components or tailor-made solutions are often extremely high.


The harsh environment to which products are exposed in this industry requires solutions and products that are developed with this environment in mind.

Our customers therefore demand top-quality, sustainable products …..


The industrial sector covers many different lines of business, companies and tasks that need to be solved.
In industrial environments, products are often exposed to many harsh conditions. The products may become exposed…


The robotics industry is in rapid development. We help solve some of the challenges the industry is facing with the adaptation of technological solutions that are specific for the individual type of robot…..


Regardless of your line of business or the industry for which you need a solution, your needs and performance specifications will always be our starting point.

We work closely with our business partners to propose a solution…