Which electronic components do you need?

We have a wide range of active and passive electronic components: Integrated circuits, solid state relays, optocouplers, diodes, crystals, oscillators, resistors and capacitors.

Active components
Integrated circuits: Counters and decoders from LSI as well as CMOS sensors from OmniVision for camera applications.

Solid state relays and optocouplers from Solid State Optronics for applications where insulation is required. SSO can supply solid-state relays with some degree of adaptation.

Crystals and oscillators from Geyer. SMD crystals, oscillators, VCXO and TCXO.

Passive components
We sell many capacitors and resistors and therefore have plenty of experience in this area as well.
The same applies to diodes and TVS from Diotec. All standard diodes and TVS, as well as components for various applications.


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