DC fans/blowers

Fans with greater efficiency, lower noise levels and longer useful life.

Of all the manufacturers of mini-fans, Sunon is among the absolute best in terms of both quantity and quality.
Sunon has been working for decades on developing their motor technology, and this has resulted in many innovative solutions and technologies. We can offer some of the most effective thermal solutions from 10 mm to 140 mm, which includes fans/blowers with MagLev motors, which Sunon was the first to introduce in 1999.

Since then, the development has continued and resulted in products with greater efficiency, lower noise levels and a longer useful life. The fans and blowers comply with the RoHS Directive and also have a large number of other quality labels as well as UL, TÜV and VDE approvals.

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Mighty Mini Fan & Blower Product Specifications
High Air Flow Fan Series Product Specifications
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Super Silence Fan Series Product Specifications
Dustproof Waterproof Fan Product Specifications

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